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Identity Help

Just so you realise the two comments above are sarcasm. The idea of the forums feedback is to give you crit on ideas you come up with not come up with the ideas for you!! Good luck and let us know when you've came up with something you are looking for crit on!



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Berry said:
Mirage?....mmm I just can't see it somehow.
What, you mean you don't see the oasis in the middle of a desert? I can see it just over there, I'm sure the water there will stop me from being so thirsty. :up:
Guys you aren't being very hospitable to an obviously very young designer, finding his feet.

Is this our community? Mocking and sarcastic? Didn't sign up for this at all.

As I said above Ryan, it's just important you understand the difference between asking for critique on work you've done and asking people to come up with ideas for you!

Ignore this thread generally, I'm kind of hoping a mod will put it on lockdown as it's just getting stupid.

Keep on learning, trying and creating!
Good luck.


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Guys, if you've got nothing useful to add please refrain from replying with saracstic replies, this is meant to be a helpful community as Jamie says, and threads with replies like this will only put people off posting and getting involved on the forums!!!!