Ideas on creating 3D work whilst maintaining my Illustrative style?

I really want to have an art stall at a craft fair or market, as there are plenty near my area, and would like to add some 3D pieces to my stock.
However they need to be not too costly to make, not too big, and in the same style of my 2D pieces.

Does any one have any ideas for some 3D products I could create? I've thought about things like clay sculptures but have no idea how to go about making them without any kind of kiln (I don't even have an oven lol) or paper/card crafted sculptures with my illustrations on them somehow..

Thank you so much in advance.
Here is the kind of style I'd like to maintain just in case it's relevant:


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Do you know anyone who owns or has access to a 3D printer?
There are specialist 3D printing companies out there, they're not cheap but then a 3D printer isn't exactly cheap either if you go for a decent one.

Another thing to consider is you can't just send an illustration through to a 3D printer, you'd also need to know how to model in 3D, likely zbrush in this instance, so it's not going to be easy unless the OP has experience in that area.