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Idea for an "odyssey" logo..

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to help a friend who is creating his company.
The name will be O.Di.C., Optimise & Discover Consult. He will assist company in "digital transformation".
If you pronounce O.Di.C. in English it sounds like Odyssey. So he wants that when we look at the logo we should see odyssey. I tried boat, compass, ... But it doesn't look like a serious company more a maritime one :/

Has anyone an idea ?

Thank you in advance =)


Staff member
Typically - ideas are yours and you should come up with the ideas.

Post what you've come up with so far and we can give feedback.
Yes you are right... sorry :/
My first idea was sea + boat (ulysse odyssey) + network elements (odc.jpg + odc4.jpg).
Then I think about a way, a journey and I worked to improve a bit my sea background (odc5.jpg).

My friend likes the boat on odc.jpg so I will try to keep a boat in the logo..

Thank you =)