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Icon style

I really like these styled icons, can anyone help on how they would have been created?

Tried a few things but cannot seem to really replicate how they've been done.

Hope someone can help.



Active Member
Probably by using the array tools with illustrator for the rest pen tool...The effect works fine for most of them but not really interesting onto the audio headset, the credit card and the lock..Looks a little bit strange.....


Staff member
Illustrator's blend tool has probably been used.

Draw the first path and the last path, select them both then object > blend > blend options select 'specified steps' and then the number of lines you'd like within the transition. click 'ok' then (still with the 2 paths selected) go to object > blend > Make.
Thanks for the replies, really appreciate your help. I had a quick look and this is definitely the way they've been created. I've had a play around in creating one.

I have attached an example of on the the basic ones and the problem i'm experiencing now is when I go to combine the paths after expanding them is that it joins them together but creates extra width for some reason. Any ideas on how to stop this?