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I need someone who can draw! =)

Hey all,

I wish I could be more active on this board as it seems really amazing. Unfortunately work is being quite the challenge these days. I do love it though..

Anyway, the reason I post this, is because I was declared clinically healthy about 6 months ago, I spent 8 years before that in a depression, a bad one.
It's kind of a new beginning, I am experiencing everything for the first time with my own eyes. But enough about that, to busines =P

I'd like to get a tattoo done, to remind me of where I've been, and so that I will never go back.

I have the idea all in mind, but I'd rather discuss it privately with the person making the drawing. (I don't mind if it's used for portfolio etc, afterwards =D)

I am more than willing to pay for the service as well, this is something that is important to me, and I want to have it done. I've been fiddling with the idea for months now, and the procrastination must stop.
I hope one of the many gifted artists here would be willing to help-

If it helps any, the style will most likely be dark, with a demonic feeling. I hope someone here does dark pieces well, and is intrigued so far.

Thank you all for reading thus far,



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mate go to a tattoo artist, they do this for a living and 99.9% of them are fantastic drawers/illustrators, they understand what is possible to actually tattoo in the first place and they're great at actually coming up with something interesting and meaningful. The majority of the time they'll be stoked to be doing something creative, most people want a butterfly or some crap tribal accross their back!

PS. Glad to hear your on the right path! ({)
Thanks for the comments. I was considering the local artist in town, but I just don't trust his work to be honest. I don't trust him to be a good enough artist to be able to do something like this. So far in his shop and windows i've only seen shitty tribal tattoos he has done. And this one I want done 100% right, as I want it. nothing else will do, that's why I was wondering if anyone around here would be willing to give it a shot.

I will need to plan a trip a couple hours away to get a proper artist, it will have to happen during summer then.


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I would discuss it with a good tattoo artist, as they know what can and can't be done. Giving them a drawing they can't interpret will leave you with one hell of a mess.
I suggest to trawl the web and even travel to another country if you have to get the quality.
Theres so much that can be done over the web. We are designers with different disciplines.
If I want a Tattoo I'd find the best Tattoo guy around, I certainly wouldn't empower a designer or illustrator. They may create a design, but the man with the needle and ink is the artist with the skill. Go find him. It's too important to cut corners. Good luck.
Hey mate!

Glad to hear you're back on top!

Just to echo what Berry said. I think you have to find a tattoo artist elsewhere if you're not happy with the standard in your town. I'd recommend going to Bangkok perhaps or elsewhere in Asia. They're very skilled artist there and it will be less costly (if you're looking to get something fairly large done). I went to a place in Bangkok where they draw the tattoo on you freehand with markers first and you can can keep changing it as you wish until you're happy. So the tattoo you get will still be unique and not just an off the shelf one from the book.


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I'm going to echo again, one of my best friends is a tattooist, hence why I have quite a few!! The truth is even as designers/artist we work best within our comfortable canvas areas, a4, 1024x768, whatever, a tattooists comfortable canvas is the human body.

When ever I have an idea about what I want tattooed, I go straight to mine, usually with some bits and bobs or a particular picture, then we talk about where I want it and then I leave most of the rest of it up to him! I love my last tattoos, I went in with a hoodie, and said, 'those birds, on my arms' the rest I left to him! Colour, position and any alterations.

Find a good tattooist, one whose style you like, that ties in with something you have in your mind and talk to them.