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I need help from someone to help design a bed.

I have been looking on the internet for ideas for a bed I can build myself. I want to make it out of railing poles and connectors. but I'm am struggling to work out measurements if anyone can help me that would be great. i will attach a photo of the bed I would like

I need : measurements of each individual poll to fit a small double mattress
to know how many connectors what connectors are needed
an image of how it will look like
and if possible what lengths of poles i will need to buy (as they sell them in lengths of 1,2,3,4,5,6 meters

any questions please let me know
thanks for you help



Staff member
I'm making my Son a loft bed and ladder using the same stuff and I just worked on a bar re-furb and they used LOADS of the stuff.
The fittings are called "tube clamps" but sometimes other terms.
It's a fantastic method if you want that look (I love it) and very easy and quick.
Check out here.

Your critical measurements will be the mattress size and how flush you want the frame to be to it.
You have to take into account that there is a certain amount that the tubes push into the bracket before they reach the end stop which you need to calculate.
I don't know the size of your mattress or how much the tubes push in so can't really help there. :(
Other than that the height of the bed and the head/foot boards are up to you.

The clamps do come in different sizes to fit different tubes gauges but the scaffold size is about 65-66mm (I think, from memory).

To calculate the amount of stock you need to order and the design of the bed you're going to need:

x2 for the full length (sides) of the bed base. Same size.
x4 for the width (ends of bed base and the tops of the foot/head board). Same size.
x2-3 of the above to go beneath the the mattress to support whatever frame you'd make. Same size as above.
x4 legs/bedposts. They would go from the floor and through the t-clamps to the top of the foot/headboard and length depends on how high you want them.

In the the example you posted they have used x5 upright (jail bars) at the top and bottom of the head/foot boards. (x5 short, x5 long) and length depends on how high you want them.

One tip I got from the guys on site was that cutting the ends of the tubes flush and square was quite important.
They used a drop saw with a metal cutting blade which are noisy and throw a shit load of sparks out (as in the pic).

I'm going to make a wooden jig, a bit like a mitre block to fit the width of the tube and clamp the tubes in with a 90 degree guide/slit to guide the hacksaw.
Not sure if it'll work but I'm giving it a try.

thank you for you help the mattress size is 120cm x 190cm I would like it to sit flush all sides if possible. i would like the bed to be about 20 cm from the floor to the bottom of the mattress and the footboard to be about 65 cm from floor to top of the footboard and headboard to be about 110cm from floor to the top of the headboard

thanks I really like the work you are doing to the room it looks awesome