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I need detailed critique for my logos

Hello, This is my first topic, and I'm a beginner that is looking to improve
So this is a logo for a friend, I use it as an exercise to learn, so I put on the work doing some sketches, and at the end, I came up with 5 ideas.
I upload 5 images, one for each logo and the concept behind it. Then an image for all the logos together ================================
Mahmoud Mohamed: A web developer working as A freelancer, using PhP and he loves developing websites.

Most important points to show through the brand:

I chose Sans serif fonts to read structured and modern.

I chose to work with blue as it's convenient with tech related things.

================================================== =====

I would like to hear everyone's feedback without holding back even a little, I need you to tell me why and why not each one of those logo work?? what did I do wrong especially in terms of typography?

Thanks in advance
Idea1-01.jpg Idea2-01.jpg Idea3-01.jpg Idea4-01-01.jpg Idea5-01.jpg



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I think the second one looks best too.

I like the idea behind the last one, but it needs to be developed more. The two M's aren't obvious enough.


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none of them...
first - no just no
second - looks like cartoon network type logo
third - tennis coach
fourth - music studio
fifth - game/music again
First of all Thanks for your honest feedback. It's all i have asked for.
There's something wrong in my process that i need to fix,
I tried to capture the act of developing, when something is just stale and you bring it back to life, to me that's what a developer do, but i really failed to catch something that can express the idea so I tried to capture the coding experience but it became a game like logo. So I'm asking you for advice.
I mean when you are thinking in this logo what would be your process?
And how would yo make sure that your logo is unique and not just generic logo??


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Start with a brief on what your goals are as a web developer. Write it all down who you are what you do what clients you attract who are your competitors. What are they're logos like. What do you like or dislike about their logo.

Decide what colors you like. Build more boards of contrasting and complimentary colors.

Do research on logos, images, etc

Build all this into a presentation and then start to pencil some ideas. YES stay away from the computer.

Draw out your ideas. Sketch up to 20 ideas.

Pick 5 you like and then develop them with more detail sketching.

Then pick 3 to draw on the computer.

Design in black and white. No other colors not even grey!

Once you're happy the apply colour. Use one other color other than black. Then use that color with another color from your mood board to give you a 2 colour version.

Once you have these three (black, other colour, and 2colour) you can start adding gradients or other colors.

You'll need a black version for once colour invoices, faxes, print on pens, T-shirts, etc. That's why it's good to have it in one other color other than black.

The two colour version could also be used for the above but adds to the cost for to the additional color. But it's worth it.

Gradient and full color versions can be used online and digital displays.

Why am I talking about printing the logo before its even designed??? Because that's what known as"finishing".

And you think about finishing before you even start designing!
"hankscorpio", Thank you very much, I will try harder in my next logo following the steps you've pointed. Then will come here for feedback