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I need a web developer, but need advice on how to find one!

I've been working as a freelance designer for a couple of years now. I have a variety of clients, with varying needs from logo design, print design, illustration, photo manipulation and web design.

I can pretty much cover most of it, except the web design. Although I've published a few websites, I am simply not knowledgeable nor confident enough to offer the functionality my new clients are requesting. Neither do I have the time to research or learn new platforms. I need a developer to take care of the web development, I still want to function as the designer, and act as first contact but I would like to work with a developer to be able to offer more solutions.

But I'm not sure how to go about it! I freelance so work can be sporadic. Some months quiet, some months busy. I know a few developers who are too busy to help me, who suggested contacting the local Colleges and Universities, as the students will be studying most of the time, they will not be dependent on steady income (yet!). But this still leaves me with the issue of what questions to ask.

So I need some advice on what I need from a developer, which I suppose could be considered a rather vague question, but I got to start somewhere.
This post needs further explanation:

I am looking for a developer I can work with and develop a working relationship with. I have had a number of potential clients come to me whom I've had to turn away because I just don't have the skill set to be able to build a site to their requirements. I would be quite happy to detail the kind of requirements I'm being asked for if needs be.

And I think I need to clarify, it was suggested I look for a student as my work sporadic NOT because I'm not willing to pay a fair price, however I am happy to work with any developer, fully qualified up (or not) providing they understand that there maybe some gaps in the flow of work.


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If you are yourself a professional, and you are offering a profession design service, I would suggest who opt for working with a professional developer.

No point having a well designed professional looking site, with potential holes / errors in the code overseen by an inexperienced developer.
Excellent point, but there are some great developers out there, who just don't have the piece of paper telling them they're qualified . . . yet.
But also having said that, I am more than open to working with a professional developer, but I can't guarantee a steady work flow, and I'm interested in building a relationship with them, rather than simply being another client on their books which can happen with established firms! So perhaps my initial post is poorly scripted.

Are you interested Carl?


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I would be interested in working together on the design side of things (I actually would love to 'team up' with someone/other designers), but unfortunately, like you I am not a developer, I just couldn't learn the language so I leave it to the fluent experts :)


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I'm happy to help if you ever need the extra support, I know I could use an illustrator from time to time, so your skills in that area would be useful to me.