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I nede a flyer designing.

I've not yet mastered the graphic design side of things yet, my area is web design.
(graphics is coming next)

I need a flyer designing to put up in some universities to promote myself a little bit, offering a 10% student discount!

I don't suppose anyone can offer a helping hand to a hippy in need.
It does't have to be AMAZING just eye-catching and to the point.

Im having a wright creative-block and getting frustrated and need them doing soon!

Hi Hippy,

I've moved your thread to the Tenders & Requests forum instead. Hope that's ok. :)

I think it'll be difficult to find someone who is willing to do it for free. If you just need something simple, perhaps try to have a go at it yourself. If you get stuck you can always post it up in the critique section, and we can give you some pointers and ideas. If you need help with the technical side of setting up your documents for print etc. I'm sure someone can help you there as well.

That way you'll also learn a bit more about the Graphic Design side of things. ;)


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Hi Hippy,

Definitely agree with Soren, if you're not that strong on the graphics for print side of things what better time to have a go at some ideas. As ever I'm sure the work feedback/critique section will prove to be valuable if you're unsure on it :)



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Thirded, when I do web design, I work to a size format and a layout, when I do print I do exactly the same thing, I just find out what the output is.

Good chance to learn. I like doing flyers and posters as an escape from my corporate hell!


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A perfect opportunity for you to get your print design skills up to scratch then!
I find designing print work to promote myself far harder than anything else as i'm way too self critical and won't be able to stop playing with the design.

if you do need any help with anything give me a shout.
I was just about to say I would do it happily for a fee, then I saw it was HippySunshine!!

Come on girl, you can do this one!! Post what you come up with, we are happy to help!