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I have a logo design that i want to put on clothing. i need help


I have a logo and idea of the look of the name of my brand that I want to put on clothing as embroidery. I have a vision of what it looks like but have no idea how how to put it together in reality. Does anybody know how I could do this? I will send a picture of the design of the logo soon, I'm not able to do it now as I'm only using my phone to post this. If anybody could help id be grateful.
Just as @Wardy suggests, you need to hire a logo designer. When you hire a logo designer you will send him details about how you want the logo to look like. You could do a sketch. Maybe you find pictures of other logos that you want your logo to be inspired of. A professional logo designer will create a logo suited to your needs. I would recommend you to contact AdKingo. They can help you.
No, i have already created the logo that i want. All i need to do is adjust it a little and thats all. What i really need help with is how to put it on clothing. I dont know how to do that. I want the logo and name of my brand to be knitted on to a piece of clothing. Who can help me with this? Any advice i would be grateful.


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If you Google something like "embroidery, promotional clothing" then you should turn up quite a few companies and they usually have guidelines on their sites.

There are a few limitations what can be done.
Post up an image of your logo and maybe the folk on here could offer some advice?
Mr joe10, yes it would be easier for somebody to do it for me. How much would it cost generally? But I would also be interested in doing it myself as well.