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HTML emails

Discussion in 'Website Coding & Programming Forum:' started by fuse, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. fuse

    fuse New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Just had the request from a client requesting a HTML email. I believe that they do not want to use a third party software or application. They would just like me to create it and send them the link to the files on our reseller server space for them to manually put into an email and send our to their clients.

    Can anyone advise on the best way to go about this, or provide us a link to a decent tutorial.

    I am using a mac and have dreamweaver to generating the HTML and will either use Mail or Entourage to test it.

  2. DougBarned

    DougBarned Member

    Here's a link to a company I use... They have a good resources section which has useful information, templates and other bits and bobs on good HTML email campaigns.

    Hope that helps!

  3. KevJaques

    KevJaques Member

    You may likely be forced to go back to using tables depending on which apps you are targeting with html emails. Beware Outlook 2007 does not render divs/css as it still uses word as its renderer and is only changed by the user.
    Keep it simple imo and you can't go too wrong.
  4. DougBarned

    DougBarned Member

    As it stands at the moment, Outlook 2010 will be continuing to use word as it's engine, so for emails, old school is the way to go. Tables, inline simple css and linked images.
  5. Wrams

    Wrams New Member

    <tables> Yea right. Tables are a thing of the past. If your a decent web developer then you will NOT use tables. Thats a horrible way to build a website. Use <div id="blahblah"></div> and CSS and learn to position your images and text. I can't beleive someone is saying use tables to build a website.

    If your wanting an email link then use this

    <a href="">email text here</a>
    Don't ever use <tables> unless you absolutely have to.
  6. Identity

    Identity Member

    Um I think you got the wrong end of the stick there. The previous poster was absolutely right...He said building Emails NOT Websites.
  7. Wrams

    Wrams New Member

    My bad. I did get it completely wrong then...LOL I thought he wanted to place emails in a website. My mistake. :icon_wink:
  8. freewhosting

    freewhosting New Member

  9. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    I use this all the time. It's simple and it works: NewsLetter 2.6.1 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

    Build it in dreamweaver like a normal page, upload it to your web server and tell newsletter where it is and who you want to send it to. Then they can forward it on and it should all stay as it is.

    A couple of things - keep it really simple - any effects or movement probably won't work for everyone it reaches. I even avoid rollovers. And try and make it into one image rather than lots of little bits (I'm sure there's a technical term for this), so that the email software can't break it up. I use HTML 3.2 as well - seems to work better.

    That's how I do it, I'm sure the techy people will tell me I'm going wrong in some way, but it works, and the clients are happy.
  10. Flux3

    Flux3 New Member

    I spent ages trying to get just a html email stationery set up for a client that wanted all outgoing emails to have a footer with various logos but didnt want the emails to arrive with attachments. I set up all the files on a server, kept the design simple with a tables and inline CSS but never found a way to get it to work in Outlook 2007+.
    I did see a cool html newsletter/email template on themeforest today for less then £10 if you want to save some design time and just tweak

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