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HTML Email - CSS


Senior Member

Never had a problem coding webpages, but all email browsers/clients seem to handle emails so differently and are throwing up wobblies.

Have a HTML design that need taken across and confirmed will work in any email client.

- Yahoo
- Gmail
- Hotmail
- Outlook 03 & 07
- Mac Mail
- Entourage

Email me craig [atttt] flexifoil [dot...] com

There are likely to be at least 4 others in the next few weeks also.

Too busy to read through and keep playing to try and get so would rather out source!


Active Member
I may be getting my wires well and truly crossed here, but I think using images for branded sections of e-mail newsletters is the best way forward? You can then keep any CSS to a minimum as inline styles for the main text content?

I'd suggest getting in touch with Andy (TBWCF) he helped me with the DF Contest newsletter a while back and did a great job :)