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Html 5?


Senior Member
As someone who really has no previous experience, training or practice in coding, but who is trying to learn it, what are thoughts of the proposed HTML 5 changes?

I am currently learning using 4.0 apparently, to learn, but will there be alot of changes, from 4.0 to 5 do you think? I will make sure to learn it as well probably but I am figuring it may be better to go ahead and learn 4.0 first, then bother with the new version correct?

And I already realize I must sound like a complete newb at this, well because I really am a newb at coding!:D


Senior Member
Your best bet is to code to XHTML standards as it's just a much neater syntax. To be honest you'll notice very little difference between HTML4,5 or XHTML as it's all just HTML at its core. But you're also best of using strict over transitional.

Look up the HTML5 Doctor site too btw.


Senior Member
Thanks Harry!

I kind of didn't guess there would be much change. I've already read at least one blog about it so far that said pretty much the same. Just one thing, can you clarify what you mean by strict and transitional as it applies to html?
Don't concern yourself too much with HTML5. The learning curve isn't worth the payoff. Not to mention half of the new features it "brings" aren't supported by the majority of modern browsers (I'm looking at you, IE).

Stay with HTML4 and XHTML 1.0. I am. The whole world isn't going to implode if you don't adopt HTML 5 now. I'll switch to HTML 5 when HTML 6 is out, as I'll know HTML 5 will have a good rate of support in current browsers then.