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How would you "better" my design


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:D I am a professional musician by day and know virtually nothing about computer design, therefore I ask you for ideas/tips/inspiration/mockups or any input on how to better this leaflet design for a siblings small business.

The leaflet is printed at half the size of an A4 paper sheet and cannot contain too much (100% fully coloured) so as to keep the printing ink cost reasonable although some colour/imagery is I feel essential.

Evidently I do not want this to look like a spam post so have included my design using paint as a seperate link

Again any input is welcome.


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Hey Leafhound (good name!) your not giving us much to work with there! I assume your planning on printing these at home? Even so, it'll probably end up costing you more to print black and white at home than it will to get some really high quality, glossy, colour, flyers printed professionally? There are a few printers that post on this forum and a million more online - as with anything its a very competitive field and some bargains are there to be taken!

100 Double Sided a4 leaflets @ 38 Pounds
Welcome to ScubaPrint > Fresh Thinking Printing // Prices

500 (smallest amount listed on the website) Double sided a4 leaflets @ 150 Pounds
Flyer printing - Standard Flyers - from £40 a set

Those are just two I can think of that post on here. Hopefully you'll consider that as an option.
Now, With reguards to the actual design - you definately need some colour in there, it doesnt need to be anything too special just eye catching but not patronising. Imagine it landed on your doormat - you wouldnt even look twice at your example. Put yourself in their shoes - what do they actually need/want to know from the leaflet - perhaps personalise it a little? Hi my names bob, im a friendly chap and offer the following services - cheesy but you get the point.

If your still unsure of what you should/could be doing feel free to PM me and we can have a chat about some ideas.. Im currently in australia (hence no pound sign) and no access to any design software, so if you want some work done I would be available from about 3-4 weeks time otherwise like I said, PM me and i'll happily go through some ideas and try and point you in the right direction.

Good luck :)


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Hi Leafhound, welcome to DF. - that's the nice bit!

lets get things into perspective, without being to cruel - If your a pro musician, then imagine Mr Blobby playing Dark Side of the Moon with a set of Coconut shells.

I'm asuming this is an A5 single sided leaflet? Are you printing this yourself off your own printer to keep ink costs down? check out PrintedEasy.com | Flyers if you want to get it printed profesionally, it may be cheaper in the long run.

Basic point: apart from the design- if the leaflet is to get jobs and work
1. the leaflet has no offer or price point to stimulate interest and purchase
2. the leaflet has no personal integration with the consumer, it's just a set of bullet points
3. it doesn't focus on one area of expertise.
4. No imagery
5. No brand logo
6. A mobile number only means 'flyboys'
7.There is no design or focal point

I would seriously suggest to get a designer to do this. In the same way as you would expect a pro musician to play and perform. If you can't do it, then its more cost effective to get a professsional to do it. If you don't you'll screw the whole thing up trying to save a buck. Always find the shortest, most expedient route to getting the job done. I'd like to play like Eric Clapton but he has 20 years more on me.


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Business is very simple - there are professionals in every aspect and field out there who can do a better job than you. Suck it in, pay them and get what you want. Job done, move on.


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I have to agree with Berry, leafhound, your professional musician by day and by self confession you know nothing about computer design, therefore if your serious about the other business, call in a professional to give your new venture the best possible chance it will be money well spent.

Additionally the amount of money driving instructors charge around these parts you will recoup your expenditure in less than a month or so! on that line alone. :)