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How to set up a legal agreement


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Ive been contacted by an author who found my work on JacketFlap.com - Children's books, Teen books, Writers, Authors, Illustrators, Librarians, Agents, Editors, Publicists, Publishers, and Blogs and has approached me to see if I would be interested in illustrating her range of childrens ebooks. She says she will have her books published through Meegenius.com and she is willing to pay me 50% of the royalities.

I wondered if:

a: Anyone has heard of Meegenius.com before and knows how reputable it is


b: If I agreed to do this work, how can I get some kind of legal agreement that ensures I get 50% of the royalies?

(i know some people dont agree with working for a fee bases on royalties, im not sure about it myself, I just want some more information on how I could ensure I get the royalties)

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