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how to insert swf into flash doc?

Hi guys,

I'm quite new to flash but at the moment I'm using it to redesign my online portfolio. What I need to do for one bit is to import an swf file, which is a clock, into my flash website stage, when I test the movie the whole movie seems to have a flashing effect, any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
well my current portfolio is just, well drab. After researching it seems so many people's portfolio's are original and interactive, so I wanted to do something similar. My idea is to re-create a mac screen. I already have the icons sorted and animating as the mac icons do. My next step is to figure out the clock problem to make it more realistic, and then after I will be creating screens that appear on the click of icons to display a gallery of each different aspect of my design work.
that's cool but i've never used wordpress, i think for now i will stick to what i'm familiar with and at a later stage give it a go. I wanted to learn flash in more detail so building this website will be a good learning curve