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How to get a client to say YES!

I have had a quick read through some of these threads here and there are many forumites complaining that clients destroy their good work and are so difficult etc etc.

I have the same gripes believe me but I found this video online recently. Its a video of Paul Boag explaining how to get clients to say yes to your designs and how to treat difficult clients.

Very interesting!:)

Incidentally, after watching this video, I used a technique that Boag advocates (the one about asking how the target audience would react to the design, not the client themselves) and I got an instant result- A client that appreciated my approach to her product. She instantly became more receptive to my ideas and I havent asked a client "how do you like it" since.

What do you think? do you agree with Boag?


Senior Member
I do.

I tried that approach though and because they're too far up their arses to listen to me, they just said no. Quick plainly. Tried that many times though.

Since, I do the same as you. Just design it and leave it at that. If you guys notice anything I change it then, but otherwise, they're not in command. As Berry said before on another thread, they come to me for the design as I'm the designer, not them.