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How to evenly space lines (around a circle)


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I've created a load of lines by duplicating them around a origin (Presses 'R' and 'alt' then copy until I have enough - 188 lines)

Although they were initialled spaced evenly (rotates by n angle: 360/ 188 = 1.91 degrees).

I have now changed the line weights of some of the lines, so the spacing is no longer even.

How can adjust the spacing across all the lines, but fast and accurate?

Referring to the attached you can see that the spaced are not even, due to changing the line weights.

Thank you


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I've got some help from Illustrator forum, however there is another problem:

First this is the response I got:

You could quickly draw this from scratch using another method.
Draw then lines vertically, and stroke some thicker
In preferenced turn on use preview bounds
In Align palette use distribute evenly
Object >> path >> Outline stroke
Object >> envelope Distort > Arc with the settings below (bend 100%. vertical -100) arc.)
This gets you only 1/2 at a time though, so you would need to repeat the process for the bottom half.

The problem is that when I join the two halves together, the middles (or the ends) don't join up which looks quite bad!

I've attached the image of the two segments, where you can clearly see the join. I've tried altering the line stroke before creating the segment, but it's the angle that causes problems. I've also removed 1 or 2 of the lines in one segment but this doesn't help.

Surely something so simple shouldn't take this long?!

Thank you


I think you're trying to make it too complicated. Avoid distorting as you'll have o expand it after to edit it.

If you want a wedge shaped line use the varying stroke function and just copy rotate the lines you need.


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I worked out the rotatio angle but due to variying line thicknesses, the same angle won't work for each piece. The spacing wont be the same.


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Anymore ideas?

I've tried rotating it by angle (Press 'R' and 'alt') but again, as soon as I change the thickness of a line, the spacing doesn't work :(

Sorry for driving you guys crazy! It seems such a simple thing for Illustrator to do!