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How to do this kind of design & packaging?

Hello, I'm looking for info about how to do this kind of packaging and design:

It's a champaign bottle that's covered with a plastic sleeve which has a creative design on it. I'd like to know all the "how to's" of the process, so any info is welcome.

zarb-bizarre-champagne-packaging004 by cool3c, on Flickr

#SMP6 - Momento Networking by Smartbrand - Marketing 360, on Flickr

Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan by josewolff, on Flickr

Miniblack Rosé by Freixenet by El Aderezo - Blog de Recetas de Cocina, on Flickr


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Thanks, but my question was more about the packaging process.....can the sleeve be applyed o the bottle after it's filled with champagne, taking into account that in the traditional process of making champagne the wine ferment into the bottle, etc
I thought that maybe someone here could have been involved in a similar process......I couldn't find a packaging forum.


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To get something like that made, you would need a concept, then talk to a bottle packaging specialist to see how possible they think it is, they will give you a rough quote on the idea and how many would need to order (probably into the 10,000), and then you would have to supply a 3D net for production.

Maybe if you are lucky someone would do you a proof, but you would probably get a bill in the regions of around £100 for it.