How to design app components:


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Hey everyone!

I've just written this article about how I designed one component (the navigation bar) for my app. And was wondering if anyone has any specific techniques they use with interactive components to make the job quicker and easier? (I went through 25+ designs and it took wayyy too long!)


Paul Murray

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So we went around the office getting "clickability" scores for each button design from our colleagues. This exercise, after the initial confusion by the terminology, proved very beneficial to us.
Ideally these research findings should come from the end-users since they're the ones that will be using the app ;) Even knowing a little about how the app works and what it does could skew the findings.

Can we see the nav bar in context somewhere? It's hard to judge when it's singled-out. Personally I'd be tempted to stick with the text beneath the icon for improved discoverability but I know it can make an interface feel messy. I don't think it's too big of an issue though since you only have 3 icons and you could argue that 2/3 are recognisable by the majority.


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It's mystery meat navigation!

Unless you know what the symbols mean it's not that hepful. I'd also argue that the 'settings' is the least important so shouldn't be in the prime location. The first link should be to the default homepage.

And 'settings' for me would be where I change my profile/password etc. I wouldn't associate it with logging out (why would I want to do this?) or suggest a feature.


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There are software's out there that allows you to embed interactive components to your file. Using components like sliders, buttons, dials, and gauges, your document so that your document will be easier to use.