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How to create patters like this in illustrator


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Is there an easy way or best practice to create this type of pattern? At the moment working on anything like this takes me ages to make sure one quarter of the patter is correct and then repeat 4 time, this almost never goes to plan. Just know there must be an easier way or some sort of action within illustrator that creates seamless "pretty" patterns

Any help would be great thanks


Hi Jordan, I was checking back here hoping somebody would of answered this.

I think the easiest way is to start with a square and start to build one of the quarters with the intention of doing a reflect and join of the best side later for symmetry.

So with the direct selection convert the corner points to round then twist them into a knot and pin with four new anchor points. I used a template piece I had intersected to get the shape I wanted. That's pretty much the method I used just pining any curve that looks nice with an anchor and working on the next bit and all my curve handles were at 45 holding shift.

It needs work but made this fairly easily with that method
I would of started with the pen tool if I had a sketch but I find I just dither otherwise. At least starting with a shape you always have a feel for where you are and can go with the flow a bit.

You can also take a punt with the simplify path tool when you are working on the first half of the quarter :confused:

Mine actually looks OK rotated 45 as it gets rid of that square vibe the center is giving off.