How to accurately emulate my website's headings and subheadings


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Yeah, I tried it inline as before to the HTML markup, it is not making any difference to the text, it is not applying the set font or font size values. I've tried applying the code both as a paragraph tag and a Heading tag and it is just sticking to their default values. Maybe I'll try the code in custom CSS (I did this for my H1 and H2 tags last year) using the H4 tag, as I don't think it is being used for anything so it won't have an effect on any other text on my site.


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I did it! :eek::eek::eek: I edited the code a bit and used custom CSS rather than inline HTML markup. I had to add padding and margins and all that good stuff, I didn't think I was capable!

Thank you so much for your help Paul, I couldn't have got there without you.

But, one last thing! I have matched the grey colour of the text by eye, I'd prefer to use the exact grey colour of the other subheadings. Is there a way of finding out the actual RBG values of the grey text colour used in all of my other subheadings such as 'Take a look at a few of our recent projects...'? (Minor issue I know).

Paul Murray

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In Chrome you can right-click and inspect elements. I'm sure there's a similar function in Firefox too. I also use a Chrome extension called WhatFont? that lets you click on text on a page and it gives you the CSS values for that text, such as font and colour. You can also use it as a bookmarklet in other browsers so you don't' need to actually install it, you just drag the link to your bookmarks bar and you're good to go.