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How much to charge for client to gain complete copyright for logo?

A client I recently created a logo for, has asked me to give him a price for having the complete copyright for the logo, as he wants to register the logo as a brand.

I've not done this before, does anyone has any idea of a cost?

Also is there anything I should know re registering a logo? Does it mean I can't use it in my portfolio? Or just that I no longer have rights to how the logo is used, or maybe changed?

Advice is appreciated :)
I pass complete ownership of design work I produce for my clients once the bill has been settled in full, on the condition that I can still show the work in my portfolio attributed to their company. 99% of clients are happy with that.

Regarding a logo as a registered trademark, as long as you are not trying to use it as a company logo (ie. you're only showing it in a portfolio of work) there shouldn't be any problem. If the client doesn't want you to show it, then I would look to be renumerated in some way as compensation. Price? How much would you be happy with not to show it any more? How big is the company? Do you want to work with them in the future?

I used to do the whole 'I own the copyright, but you can use it' thing, but it was getting too complicated. There's no point in me retaining copyright on a logo or design work, and a company really needs full control over their brand.

I now have a much better reaction to my Ts & Cs!
Thanks Vickers Creative, yes this is the first time I've been asked about copyright, in all other cases, the copyright has gone to the client. As I have been asked to name a price, I think it has thrown me slightly! It's a small company, and I'll be working with them again in the future, so of course wouldn't want to jeopardize that, but if I just say 'it's ok, you can have it for free' would they not take me seriously?
Not really for free, as part of the way you work copyright is transferred when they've paid the bill. I think they would see you as more professional, and acting in their best interest. Maybe in the future you can build the 'copyright fee' into your prices so there's no nasty surprises down the line.

It's a bit of a funny one this, as I discovered when I set up; Lots of different opinions and ways of working.


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Slightly different field (more cad orientated) but this is basically how I do mine.
- Work files, ie anything I produce remains mine with no access by the client, unless part of the original brief.
- Produced files, ie imagery, video's etc are usually given to the client to use as they see fit, however ownership of the images remain mine. Basically a bit like how photography/stock imagery works.
- Ownership of any files sent to me remain the property of the client, same goes for any product concepts that are sent to me to work on.
- I don't use client work on my portfolio without permission plus most of my work is under nda (why I have a non disclosure policy) so that rules it out anyways.

If I was however doing a logo I would transfer ownership of the 'brand' to the client allowing them to do as they want, including trademarks, but I would try and keep ownership of the work files though to encourage the client to come back for any 'alterations' - unless of course I get a very good offer.