How much should I price a website for a client?


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Hello there!

This is my first post so apologies if this question has already been answered in a previous post.

I am an undergraduate student studying Web and Multimedia Design and going into my final year at University. I have just completed a 5 week placement funded by the university (£212 a week) to create a website for a small company.

Another small company have heard about my work and online portfolio and would like a website creating. They would like

  • 5-10 pages
  • Images and Text
  • Image Gallery
They havent said a particular deadline however they would like a fixed term price rather than an hourly rate. I am skilled in XHTML, CSS, PHP and a little expierence of Javascript and Mysql.

Have you got any advice or websites i can research further to get a suitable quote for them as this is my first design for a client without the universities help.

Thank You :D
Sounds good, clearly on your way up to the top :),

400-500 for the whole job maybe?, It all depends on what the client are like and how big the business is :).

can we see your portfolio? p.s i'm new here too :)


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I'd say since they already want you to do a website that £500 seems reasonable based on your experience. But if your talking about a bespoke website then 5-10 pages seems a little ambiguous, maybe you should follow suite and quote £500 - £1000?


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great opportunity but there's so much you (or we) need to know
Design? Copy? Image sourcing? Back end? Amendments? Committee approval? the subject something you know alot about? Budget?

Just because they want a fixed rate, doesn't mean you can't base it on an hourly rate, and this probably what most of us would suggest.

Guesstimate (you will get better at this) how long it will take. Give yourself a bit of room for changes.
Multiply that by your preferential hourly rate.
Presto, that's how much you want.


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Hi Charlie.

Im relatively new to charging people as well. I completely simplify it, to avoid feeling pressured to deliver above your experience (if you actually know maybe the price is a bit high) and end up having to research and learn whilst you work.. kinda unavoidably missing deadlines :/ .. or end up resenting the job because you've tried to avoid that and charged a bit low..

Basically I just record jobs ive done before and how long theyve taken, I only do that because im really forgetful but I im sure you've done projects whilst studying or similar look back on them from memory That way you can figure how long its gonna take pretty accurately.

Then as Shmoo said I say that's a good way for me anyway right now, just charge per hour whatever you feel comfortable earning.


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Hi Charlie,

It all goes down to how much you value your skills. I have had a look at your site and some of your work looks great, although (me being a bit picky) your site has a few spello's,

Your site
Portfolio Page> *Please click the thumnails which will open the work in a new window.
Also your bottom right image says "comming soon" is this a spello?

Just check through the site, although i myself make mistakes like this, if people want to use your services, the first thing they will think is it looks a little unprofessional with spelling errors.

Just thought i'd point it out to you.

However on the upside, looking at your skills i would quote between the 350-500 mark?!

I hope this helps:)




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Hello there, thank you for all your comments!

The company is new and the client is designing a ship which he hopes to sell to americans (looking at his plans and the specification he really knows alot about boats!) he's been able to set this business up as he has another 3 businesses renting properties in the north east area. He decided on some other aspects and additional features and negotiated £1000. This is also to sort out some problems with other websites he has which i can easily modify (such as an error on the php contact form) and so on. At the moment, he would like the plans of the Yacht Ship Images on the website then when the Yacht it complete for me to update it. The Yacht wont be finished till April, however he said i have all the time in the world to do the website (once finished i will be paid) then when the time comes to add new images, new yachts or whatever, they will pay me additional for that. I went to visit the client on Tuesday and i must say the office is in the middle of the countryside and is BEAUTIFUL! They are lovely people and i know i wont have any difficulty with designing the website for them :)

On the other hand- thank you for spotting the spelling errors on my portfolio! My english and grammar are the worst and i know for a fact will never improve! The coming soon is a website ive just launched for a client and i will put that up tomorrow!

Thanks again for your comments!


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It sounds good charlie but I'd try and get a deposit up front (usualy half) where possible.


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Good luck for the project :D sounds ace.
Definitely a better sum of money, and not over or underpaid.

One thing about your spelling.
(Ignore the angryness, but he has good points)
Learn To Fucking Spell | I Am Paddy

Remember, spell checking is your friend. And if you are using a word on your portfolio, you should know how to spell it :)