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How much should I charge for merchandise design?


New Member
I was recently contacted by a popular YouTuber wanting to know more about how I work and how I charge for my work before we can talk about designing... and I just realized that I have no idea what to tell them as it's my first time doing freelance (instead of designing/selling my own products).

How much should I charge for a phone case design (for example), assuming it will be sold to, potentially, hundreds?

And should it be a flat rate or should I actually ask for a small percentage of each sale? Either one is fine for me, I do this stuff as a hobby anyway, as in it's not my actual job.

Thanks for the help in advance. Sorry for being clueless, I just need advice as I don't want to mess it up.


Staff member
What's the difference between A4 and A5? Nothing. Your price doesn't change just because it's bigger or smaller. How many hours do you think it will take? Them multiply by hourly rate.


Staff member
You can work it how you like but I guess the proper way to do it is to cost it by it's "usage".
It's how illustrators tend to work.

Say if you do a design or illustration you charge for how it will be used, on what, where and for how long.
This may seem a little involved for what you're doing but you could use it as a base.

One design could be used in many ways and applied to many many products so potentially you will want to be paid for this.

As Hank says. The size of the product isn't the issue.
I can work on an image that gets used on a huge wall or a much smaller canvas but the work involved can be the same.