How much should I charge an hour for design work?


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I've been designing since High School and didn't quite get too serious with it until this year. I went to college but did NOT finish my degree in Graphic Design. I guess you could say I was not serious back then with pursuing a degree in what I enjoy doing. Until recently, I have been doing YouTube banners mostly, and a few logos. I have been using Adobe Photoshop to create these and not to mention, I have been doing them for free. I started off doing this type of work for gamers who play Fortnite and PUBG. I then was getting uncontrolled messages on a daily basis from gamers to do free banners. It wasn't until my roommate mentioned that I spend way too many hours on my own free time doing design for people and don't charge them a penny. So I couldn't quite pin the cost for the type of design I do hourly or a flat rate. I have never charge anyone and considered myself an A ok designer. I will post several designs just to get an idea. From a scale of 1-10: 1 being the poorest designer- 10 being the greatest. I think i'm a 5-6.

How much should I design an hour for design work?
Should I charge a flat rate for You Tube banners or logos?
Is PayPal the best option?

Thank you all.



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Well how many banners can you get done in an hour? What do you think your time is worth? £10/h £20/h £30/h?

Do people want more than 1 banner? You could do 1 banner for £15 then 2 banners for £20. Maybe friends could combine to get both banners.

1 banner £20
2 banners £30
3 banners £50
4 banners £70

And so on.

I'd be as flexible as possible with the payments, but you may put a lot of gamers off as they could be kids without bank accounts.
Whatever works for you, not everyone has a paypal account.

Remember, as soon as it stops being free, people will stop asking.


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From the gaming banners that I see I'd say they're better than a 5-6 in my opinion.