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How much (if at all) to charge for a simple website?


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Hi guys,

I need a bit of advice...

I have just completed a logo and a flyer for a friend of a friend, and I said I would do this for free as they would be my first 'real' client and I would be happy to gain the experience.

They love everything I've done so far and now they are on about a website. I am not really experienced with designing websites, but I made my own and I could probably cope with something simple (which is what they would need).

I would like to take this on as I think it will be great experience for me, but obviously this will take up a lot more of my time.

Should I charge them based on my experience? If so, can anyone give me any advice on what to charge?

Thanks :)


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Hi Ally,

Yes charge them! You've done them a favour doing the logo and flyer for free, the sooner you get used to billing people for your work/time, the better :)

I would look at setting up some simple pricing, so work out an hourly rate you would be happy with, and also basic project rates, so set fees for a PSD one page web design, logo design, stationery design, etc.

As for the web design itself, the 960 grid system should help as a basis for your work, are you looking to code it yourself? From my own experience (I self-taught myself HTML/CSS to a reasonable level) it's usuaully easier to outsource, it's great to have the understanding/knowledge of what good code looks like, but for ease on this occasion I'd get a coder to take your PSD and code to xHTML/CSS. Most developers will have a basic rate/price for one page PSD to code, I think Andy (tbwcf) does a bit of freelance development work, along with Harry, and several other forum members, so you could post/PM for price indications to work into your quote to the client.

Hope that helps!


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I agree with Greg (not Nick)!

Don't be shy of asking for fair payment for a job well done, all you have to worry about is doing the job well!

Pricing is quite a personal thing because it's very dependent on what level you feel you are working at, and what you think the customer should pay for your time.
My advice would be to be open about it. Discuss it freely with the client and agree upon a budget/price.

I worked out what to charge on my first jobs by my gut feeling. I didn't want the client to feel ripped off, but at the same time I didn't want to feel like I was doing myself a dis-service. Go with what feels right for all parties. The more jobs you get the easier it is to gauge what you should charge.

If you do need to outsource coding, I can highly recommend Andy (TBWCF), I've worked with him a couple of times, and the results have always been more than pleasing.


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If you aren't going to get a clear and direct benefit for doing the work for free, defiently ask for money!

I have done work recently which was done on an exchange of services, I coded a myspace for an illustrator friend of mine, he is designing a shirt for me.

I agree with ken, if you don't know what to charge talk to the client. If the thought of an hourly rate worries you, because as you said, you aren't very experienced, then just think about a flat fee and try not to get too sucked into the job.


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Thanks for the replies guys... Yeah I just emailed them yesterday and said I could do a simple website for a small fee and the rate will depend on what they require. So I'm just waiting on a reply now!


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Cool, good luck! :)
Sure they'll be more than pleased to agree a fee, as you said they've been very happy with everything you've done so far!
Let us know how it turns out.