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How long would it take you?


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In a couple of weeks I'm starting a 55 page catalogue. The project will be created 'from scratch' but will be styled as per a previous catalogue the company put out. Not a lot of details on which to talk figures I know but Im told the previous one was designed at about 30 mins a page. That just seems a little too optimistic to me so my question is, if you were given the above information, how many hours would you quote for.


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average quote for such a project is about an hour a page, design & artwork, if it's a simple replication job.

30 mins is rushed. That's about a week to put a 55 page catalogue together.... no room for error.
2 weeks for me in the real world to be safe
Would also depend on how the company was supplying the content so it's easy to import and follow what goes where. A lot of time can be taken up 'tidying up' what a client provides


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Cheers for the thoughts. I'll aim for an hour a page but at the end of the day it will take as long as it takes.


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Half an hour per page? Jesus... Seems like it'd be thrown together with love alright. An hour sounds more the ticket.


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Hi, I have just finished 2x64 page kid's annuals for a publishing house, it was a fixed fee BUT Indesign templates, fonts etc. supplied. The simple pages (just a poster kinda thing) were obviously quick just getting the ink levels, colour mode etc right in Photoshop but the main pages were taking between 45mins to an hour each - and they weren't overly complicated. So I would say 30mins a page is definitely a rush job.