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How I make to this web site? (Fully as coded and designed)

Alex Gilmore said:
What sort of help do you need? It sounds a bit vague at the moment :) What skills do you already have?
First, thank you for reply. I'm a web designer. My skills are css-xhtml, photoshop, motion-graphics, illustrator, a bit html5 and jQuery. I guess this web site created by html5 with using canvas methods. And sadness that I don't know much about html5. But maybe there is a easy way about that. I want to make the design like above web site. Maybe I can adapt it into my web site and I can change the images...

Or anyway, forget all. What is the technology used on this website?


Staff member
First off welcome to the forum.

Now I'm no web designer (I'm 3D design) but I'd guess it's done somewhere along the lines of this

FIrst bit - the zoom - css3 animation in multiple transparent png image layers, zooming from say 125% for outside the screen to 100% for the full screen image to give the illusion of 'depth of field'. Although looking at the code it could use javascript linking into data-src attributes....

There's a parallax background (there's plenty of jquery scripts for this but this one should cover your needs or I've got a really simple vertical scroll one if needed, they look to be using scrollr) when you scroll. There are some transparent pngs as you scroll too to show the background as you go further down (the 'caves' for example)

The menu is a type of sticky menu that sticks at a set point.. you could use waypoints for this althouh I'm sure I've seen some other jquery scripts that do it too.

I have no idea on the heading 'swirls and lines'

If I was you I'd look at the code (I did :)), most browsers allow you to see it, you'll likely understand more than me.

I would caution you about copyright etc, you can be inspired by it but don't go 'copying it' exactly :)