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How has the internet changed creative industries


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Hi All

Not if I have posted this in the correct section? anyway, I am currently writing an essay on this question. How has the internet changed creative industries? I thought this would be a nice question to post up and see what the general feel of this question is from more experienced designers than myself.


I second Levi's answer... asking us is irrelevant.. its your thoughts they want to hear about.. not ours.


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I am not asking for you to write my essay, I know that I have to write my own thoughts about the question and then back them up with solid facts and quotes. I just thought it would be a nice question that people could get involved in and talk about how the internet has changed their design process ect.


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Getting work approved before the internet must have been a very lengthy process either having to post or drive to the client would have taken days. With the internet its literally seconds and its in front of the client this being good for designers and clients but bad for postage companies.


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My tutor was saying this companies that he used to use in the past for getting work and mock ups to clients have now gone. Before my time really being relatively new to the design industry myself.


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In my point of view i think, it has changed the industry upside down, those days designers go their freedom to work on their own, but now every one try to do our work...since the internet is there, looking other sites and blogs giving bad ideas to the project, which lead to the poor designs.
because since 2007, i didnt had any issue in producing a good design in the outdoor advertising company. ;)
the day i start to work as a web designer...things got changed. they start to use me as a tool, which can be implement their ugly designs


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Instant information. Instant stock imagery. Instant feedback. Instant delivery. More competition. Wider availability of resources like ordering materials, looking online for work, etc.

And this that we're doing right now. Easy, free discussion between designers separated by huge distances.