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How do you do this?

I am looking to have an online design tool sinliar to the example in the link below. It doesn't look like it's been made with flash so how would you go about making this in dreamweaver?

Please click the link to see the example, then click on the design area to open up the box on the left, where the controls are.

BuildASign Designer | BuildASign.com



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Well you would have to know your JavaScript syntax very well.

For example I don't know I haven't looked at the source.
But the first bit would be pretty easy as in you hover over a section and add a border to that section/element that could be done via CSS. Then on click you add the editable section and change the left box. When you hover over one of the boxes on the editable section you then need more JavaScript to change the scale of the element, click on the arrows in the left box for example and you move the selected element in each direction by like 5px again via JavaScript.

Basically in other words I'm not sure it is something you could just get on-line, Dreamweaver won't be able to do it on it's own, you would have to pay someone to have it custom made TBH.

If it was mine I would expand on it though, have the text editable on double click, have the ability to change the image and the background image as well otherwise it's a nice tool but it's too constrained TBH as not everyone will want that design.

Thanks Jaz, I will have a look into that. Would you b able to design something like this, it may be easier if I payed you to design me something if you can. How much would you charge roughly.

Many thanks


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If I'm honest fella, my JavaScript syntax is rather rusty due to the fact that the last 4-5 months all I've just been doing is SEO, and it may take me a while to get back up to scratch TBH.

But my current work load with my client, as the SEO copywrtting and coding is done, is just link building I don't know how long it would take me if I'm honest to get back up to speed as it is time consuming finding the right quality links and he's my prioirty for the next month or 2, aww that reminds me I'll have to check when it's up, aww. :(

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure our own Sunburn's pretty good with JavaScript from what I remember. Send him a message and see if he can help you out.

I've just checked and it looks like he's free, well free'er than me at the mo anyway. :)