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How do you display your research?


I am a freelance designer and I am working on a large project over the course of the next fews months. I am wanting to gather all my research as I go along and kind of scrapbook it.

In the past I have created a nice sketchpad of drawings/cut out bits.....

I am wanting to do something unique? Any suggestions?

Time isn't really on my side, so something that I could do day by day may be ok.... I am considering offline and maybe transforming each research book into a computerised book (at a later date)..

Any creative ideas? Hands on approach?



Senior Member
It depends, if the research is just for you, spending ages putting it into books wastes time surely? Yes it would be nice to have everything in a neat format should you need to go back to it.

If it is for a client, again, could you have spent the time more productively working on concepts for them?

I've got shoe boxes full of crap and mountains of books laying around, but nothing I have made myself.
I worked on A3 sheets for sketching ideas in my degree. Then I had so many I drilled a whole in the top corner and stuck some string through it!

The tutors never actually go through and read all of it, maybe just browse the sketches!!
Thanks for the tips! I want some ideas that will look nice the research does count towards the final Mark so it's important it looks aesthetically pleasing or they will get bored.... thats my theory!