How do you collaborate with other designers?


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I am interested in how you all collaborate with other designers or other colleagues (like product managers, engineers, clients etc.).

How often do you meet with colleagues for a design-related task (such as to choose a design, critique designs, sketch, show clients designs...)?

How do you collaborate with each other? Do you meet face-to-face?

What hardware/software/other tools do you use for the collaboration?

Hope to hear your thoughts! :)


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Same as I do with any other sort of client...

edit: It's pretty clear this is a Uni project (not to mention the IP links to one), it would be nice if people actually state this when asking...

Paul Murray

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Generally communication before starting a job is face-to-face. I'll likely meet with developers/engineers and discuss project scope, etc. Once the brief is all sorted, communication then switches to something like Slack to keep discussions together and focussed. Occasionally phone calls are required as it's easier to chat through something verbally, and very occasionally conference calls.

After the first round of designs/implementations are done, the sequence generally just loops. We meet up again, test whatever we're building, discuss possible changes and then go back to remote working and Slack for communication.

Rinse and repeat until the project is done.


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As above when location allows which is rare for me but I usually use Slack, Skype or just the phone.