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How do I make this pattern

Essentially its one shape repeated by 4 (if you don't look at the depth of the image), so if you can create that shape first then duplicate it 4 times in the right position it should work.
Hey there, thanks for the answer.

I had thought about doing that and cut it out with pen tool, but it didn't line up like i'd hoped so I was just wondering if there was an easy way to do this.

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When you say outline copy, do you really mean directly copy the shape, texture included?

If you wanted to copy it directly your best bet is to use the pen tool (I recommend zooming to around 350% and get the path as close to the edge of the line as possible) to trace the shape, go into paths, right click the path and select make selection. Once it's selected go to Select > Modify > Feather: 2px. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert your selection (making sure you have the right layer selected) then simply press delete and you'll be left with just the metal part of the image.
Hi Squiddy, thanks for the response. I want to just copy the shape, I had already done what you suggested with the pen tool (not the feather bit though so thanks for that!) but unfortunately the shape in the picture isn't as perfect as it seems. When I cut it out and filled it with my colours it's very clearly not symmetrical.

The 'point' on the left is actually a bit smaller than the others and it's dead obvious when its not got its nice shiny background.

I'd like to know (if possible) how I'd go about making a symmetrical knot like the one in the picture from scratch.

ps I've re-read my original post and realised it wasn't very well written. Sorry 'bout that :( hopefully I've explained better


I see what you mean, and after closer inspection (I actually didn't even notice the behind when I first looked at it until I started examining the bevelled edges of the metal) you're right, it's not symmetrical at all.

Your best bet is to reproduce the shape using the pen tool then nudging individual points to make it look more symmetrical. Remember that most people who look at it aren't going to notice that it isn't 100% symmetrical, so just do your best. I often find that I learn a lot from random tasks such as this which I didn't know how to do before because you adapt the technique you learn to solve different problems. It all adds to the creativity of your work, so don't give up!