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How do I increase facebook likes to enhance business ?

Discussion in 'SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing Forum:' started by rashi, Aug 23, 2014.

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  1. rashi

    rashi New Member

    I have tried my best and am unable to increase likes on my posts and page also.Friends help !

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  2. NeonThunder

    NeonThunder Active Member

    Facebook is dodgy these days. Not everyone will see your pistd due to the algerythems it creates for each user.

    If you decide to pay to promote your page. Facebook would make it show in peoples newsfeeds more and obviously the more your pay the more likes you'll get in thoery as its reached more people.
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  3. by posting good content and by sharing it with your friends time to time.
  4. 0jerome0

    0jerome0 New Member

    Share intresting and funny stuff
  5. yusuf74

    yusuf74 Member

    If you have short time then going to the Facebook like exchange group. There are many like waiting for you. It's like calling B2B.
  6. Rich Guy

    Rich Guy New Member

    Facebook algorithm is not supporting unpaid marketing. so it's very difficult to get the result without spending any money.

    I am suggesting you to go for paid facebook marketing.
  7. OH Jordan

    OH Jordan New Member

    Likes alone on Facebook will not enhance your business, and as mentioned by other users they have systems in place so paid advertisers will get their content appear in user's feeds a lot more often than those who do not pay. I would advise posting content that gets users to engage, sounds silly, but this is why a lot of businesses on Facebook post "caption competitions" just as an example.
  8. JoeInTheMiddle

    JoeInTheMiddle New Member

    Share successful posts from other, similar pages. If it's worked for them odds are it will work for you.
  9. storetemplates

    storetemplates New Member

    Well, I mostly try to "like" people with similar interests, other low-profile designers, and they usually like me back. But this strategy is effective, if you only want to raise the overall number of likes and shares.
    If you want to increase leads, and actual customers, then I must agree, that Facebook ads are pretty effective, just make sure you target not your friends (if your friends wanted to order from you, they would, but choose specific audience, where you might find your actual clients.
  10. simplykreative

    simplykreative New Member

    Simply go for Facebook Ads, they are damm effective. I got more than the mentioned likes in the cost they offered.
  11. nicol

    nicol New Member

    Can you please share activity that you have done. Have you posted in relevant groups? Have you used facebook trends? What are you posting on your fan page?

    BJ2DESIGN New Member

    A good method is publish a good article on your website that is relevant to your target audience then create a link from Facebook as a post, make it engaging then promote the post to a specific area, say around your local area.
  13. KiraMuller

    KiraMuller New Member

    What groups are relevant with music services like mp3 downloaders?
  14. Lukas Cerny

    Lukas Cerny New Member

  15. AR1

    AR1 New Member

    The best way is to work on useful content and then share it on Facebook. Asks your friends and family to like your page and share the article if they like it. It will help you earn relevant Facebook likes. Also, posting in the related groups or pages might help you, but it is advised not to spam the pages and groups and abide by their policies. Also, if you want to invest some money in this, you can use Facebook's plan to promote your page and you can get 500 likes in a week, if you're pages has good and relevant content.
  16. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Something of an old post I know, but I'll leave it open for future reference.

    This is pretty much it. Sharing content with friends is pretty pointless. You need to be paying for marketing if you want your content seen by your target demographic.

    Of course, there's also the question of whether your business/product is even suited to Facebook marketing?
  17. AR1

    AR1 New Member

    I would agree with the latter part. Previously, I used to work in a Software testing company, so it was pretty hard to engage audience or getting likes for the page, that talks about "software testing" and going for the Facebook plan might be the right thing, as to target the right segment.
    But now i work in a company that sells garments and I ddn't use any Facebook plan and I have around 1k traffic daily landing on product pages through Facebook and also this page gets around avg 500 likes in a month. Most of the people that visit page, tag their friend on a particular post and this is how this chain works.
    So, it depends on product, facebook marketing is largely effective too, but sharing content with the friends does help too.:)
  18. CPArtisan

    CPArtisan New Member

    Try to share unique article on fb .You can also bost your image or page for more like .
  19. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Using Facebook ads is pretty much the only way to gain new, relevant likes to your page now. You can share all the content you want, but Facebook decides who sees it. Without paying for sponsored content, only about 15% of the people who like your page will see it organically (thanks Facebook), and only a small percentage of them will act upon your content.
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  20. Graphael

    Graphael New Member

    As has already been said, organic marketing on Facebook is tricky. There is a movement towards social media "privacy" now, too (paradoxically...), so there are active filters working against anything that isn't 100% relevant. Paid is the way to go, but even then, I think there are better assets out there to explore. Facebook is too close to home for people - they'll be more reluctant to engage with your brand in this unprofessional context.
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