How do i get this result?

Dipak Rajgor

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How do I get the Gold image to be same as the Black image. i.e. The edges to look CURVED from top to bottom on the left and right hand side. PLEASE HELP!!


Dipak Rajgor

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You can do it with layer effects
Hi Levi, Many thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. As a TOTAL new kid on the block i would really like FULL instructions and links to videos and tutorials. Not sure if this is allowed on this forum but i would be willing to pay a reasonable charge for your time. PLEASE help.


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It's a very similar effect to making the "gel/glass button" look so you could search that and cherry pick the bits you need.
You need to create a layer above the phone to make the highlights in it and play around with gradients, opacity and blurring.

Not sure if this is a good example as I didn't watch it all.

Off the top of my head for a quick and dirty solution I'd select the phone and deselect the buttons and shadow to get the outline of the phone body and then Select > Contract the selection to bring the area in a bit.

Fill that area white so you have a white solid that's a bit smaller than the phone and then reselect the white area and do the Select > Contract thing again and delete the middle out of the white solid so you'll have a kind of white line or border.
You could then just use that selection and nudge it down to delete the bottom part of the line just leaving the top and sides.

Then put a Gaussian blur filter on it and reduce the opacity.

There's a lot more you could do to make it REALLY realistic but that'd be like writing out an entire tutorial. ;)