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How did you meet your best client?

Without giving names away...

Mine was through Facebook. They requested for a graphic designer and was offered a part time position but I suggested that we work on a few smaller projects to ensure we were compatible. 4 months later I was with them on a full time basis.
My Best Graphic Design Client came through word of mouth - a referal from another job I had years back, It was a small project to start off with, some print work, but they really liked the work and hired me to design their website and trade show stall as well.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Ironically through People Per Hour :icon_biggrin:

They'd tried a few designers, but ultimately were disappointed with their outcomes. They saw I was local to their offices and asked me in for a chat. I ended up working on a small project, and have been with them regularly for about a year now.
Through Gumtree, advert for a freelance magazine designer need - three days of working until 3am to get them out of a jam and I've been working with them now for 4 years !

Other contacts have been though recommendation, People Per Hour and networking - you have to cover all the bases nowadays!