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how can you be more employable? What skill set do you have?

As a recent graduate I have been looking for a permanent job for the last 4 weeks. No success as of yet but I'm really positive.
In my search I have noticed a lot of jobs are asking for web / graphic designers they are not just asking for graphic designers now it seems that you have to be good at everything to even apply for work which is a bit scary.
All i want to know is what skill set do you have? And how have you found looking for work?
My biggest downfall I feel is not using adobe Indesign which is one of the standard programmes in Adobe Suite but i have never needed to use it or had the programme while studying. Now every job i apply for is asking for someone well experienced in all three programmes plus - a web designer on top
How has everyone else found this issue? Is it even an issue for you?


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More and more I'm seeing additional skills being added to that of Graphic Designer.
Some of them I've seen are really quite ridiculous in what they're asking and quite wind me up sometimes especially when they end in "salary, up to 15k depending on experience".
I sometimes want to apply just to tell them what a discrace they are in a cover letter.
I think the question is to be a generalist or a specialist.
I suppose I'd class myself as a Designer who specialises in Illustration.
Never used InDesign myself either but be thankful you've not used Quark.


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I'm with Scotty on this one. I see jobs listed for an "Illustrator" then they list skills for illustration, graphic design, 2D animation, 3D animation, programming and web design. The whole industry's going to go the way of the building trade while people hire cowboys who claim to be able to do everything when they're fully skilled in nothing. The way I see it there are two choices. Go "jack of all trades" and hope for the best, or get skilled enough in your strengths to be better than the competition in that specialty.
And as Scotty said, be glad you never had to use Quark. Some people ask for someone skilled in Quark AND InDesign, which seems a bit silly to me. InDesign isn't bad to use though, there's learning materials online or you can do a 5 hour course at a college if you really want to.
Two great comments! thank you very much for that.
I honestly almost had a panic attack when i left uni earlier this year and started applying for work. Most jobs want Graphic / Web designer and yes at a very daft rate of pay!
I thought that my skills where dated and that even though all I have done is study that my work range would make me simply unemployable. I wonder how many people out there really are jack of all trades? It seems easier now than ever to get copies of programmes and claim to be the all rounded creative.
I think jim lad your right about just simply bettering my skills to be better than anyone else.
ive always loved graphics and artwork and illustration i think these methods all have strong connections. i don't want to learn web design and coding and i honestly feel i don't think i should have to either.
Thanks for the replys make me feel a lot better lads