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How can i find Freelancer job?

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by Vaynakh, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Vaynakh

    Vaynakh New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Glad to join this forum with my first post :)

    This is Mehmet, Visual Designer from Istanbul. I'm working as freelancer in 5 day in a week. Other two day, i'm working part-time art director my old company which i worked as full time. But soon, i want to quit this company and want to find a full freelancer job. But in Turkey, for designer, life is really hard... Specially about freelancers. I think it's about the mentality. Even visual art's too new for my country, freelancer is a nightmare for employers. But they don't know the backround of this type because they re afraid to venture it. If someone venture it, their mentality is, Freelancer is cheap chick !

    After my 15 years experiment, i'm really tired of this. Many time i work for international companies.. In UK, America, Canada, Australia, Russia.. But i'm really enjoy when i work this people because they have respect and awareness. For America, it's hard to work of because time discperancy. And i think maybe i can find a full freelancer company who i can work in long term.

    But i check Linkedin Job Ads and see all companies are looking freelancers who living in their town. I'm just wondering, is there any posibility to find a job in UK as a freelancer when i'm living in Istanbul? From Istanbul to UK (or another country but i prefer first in UK) Also i have no any travel problem ! When company need me, i can be there for a while.

    What do you advice me? In any Job Ad Website or something?

    15 year experiment with graphic designer, also Motion Graphics Animation and 3D Visualization. I have any chance?

    Thank you for your time for read :)
    Wishing Best Regards,
  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Hi Mehmet,

    I've known a lot of Australian designers come over to the UK and find work which tends to be in London as that's where most of the design work is.
    There is much more opportunity there although there is plenty of competition around for jobs.
    There are also a lot of recruitment agencies specialising in design so it may be worth registering with with some of those but it helps a lot to be in the UK to take an opportunity as it comes.

    Good luck with it as I'm sure it can be done. :)
  3. Vaynakh

    Vaynakh New Member

    Hi Scotty,

    Thank you so much for your feedback and possitive messages :)

    Actually, i prefer first to work as freelancer for a company from istanbul to UK. Because i have to carry to my mom in here :) But if there is no oppurtunity for freelancing, i would be able to work in UK. As i know, it is very very hard to get work permission from Turkey to UK. But it deserve to try one day. I research about labour law, salary about the graphic designers earning. And believe me, in Turkey, there is only CEO and Managers earn that cost's. Yes, situation very poor for designers in Turkey :)

    And what about recruitment agencies? There is any way to i reach them for ask freelancer jobs? Do you know any companies which i can contact?

    Thank you so much

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