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Hourly Rate? Whats fair . .

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by dekock, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. dekock

    dekock New Member


    I've got an offer for some freelance work should be about one weeks work or so :icon_scared: anyway, the company involved are the pulling old the chestnut 'recession' card & pretending not to have much of a budget unfortunately a recruitment agency is also involved which I always find to be irritating!

    I told them I want £20-25 per hour, that's my usual rate but the agency were some what shocked at the rate, and have come back with that’s ‘quite high’ but at the end day regardless of recession issues, etc. It's a specialise subject you train for many years, and this agency are not specialists in media/design jobs so they know nothing. :icon_mad:

    The company have returned a verdict and proposed £18.00 per hour for 5 days.

    Anyway, the work was explained as web-based graphics, some flash, banner, etc along those sort of lines and I’m left wondering what other designers, and alike would charge for similar freelance work, either based on site or from home (if you're lucky enough!).

    Let's discuss .. :icon_cheers:
  2. CYoung

    CYoung Member

    If I charge by an hourly rate I pitch the same rate as you £20-£25. But I often think - have (what is in this case) £18 an hour for a week, which is pretty good if you are working 7 hour day (£630). Or you might not get work or less work anyway and be stuck only getting half of that.

    Hope this helps :icon_thumbup:
  3. sweetums

    sweetums Member

    Yeh if its a 7 hour day then I'd accept £18 ph, because at least its guaranteed work.
  4. dekock

    dekock New Member

    Yeah I agree! That's what I thought for the amount of hours, etc.

    But to be honest I told the agency £20-25per hour, purposely to shock them because it's just a standard recruitment company they have no idea what a specialist area like media, new media/graphics should and shouldn't be charging. :icon_lol:

    I'm cool with £18.00 per hour, and besides if all goes accordingly to plan I will work for the client and then steal them away from the agency and charge what I like! Muhahaha! :icon_notworthy:
  5. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator


    I agree with your pricing strategy - based on total size of project.

    However, if you are serious about stealing the client - I would first read the agencies terms and conditions (which will be clear on this subject and you by contract will have accepted) and be cautious of publishing your plan on this forum (if you are serious) - an action I would absolutely not recommend (or even consider without discussing with the agency and agreeing a transfer fee).

  6. dekock

    dekock New Member

    You da man, Peter! :icon_cheers:

  7. Yeah, I freelance for the company i used to work for at £18.00 per hour!

  8. If you're worth that amount of money, don't drop your prices.

    Here's a link to a Freelance Blog which tells you how to deal with tight-wads!
  9. studiobrazley

    studiobrazley New Member

    It is always a difficult one - and will come down to a few factors. Do you have other work coming through the door? Is it worth taking an initial hit with a discounted rate if there is a promise of regular work in the future? My advice for what it is worth would be to stick to your guns and the price you quote is the price you charge, simple as that. There is always someone out there cheaper than you, though they are not neccessarily going to do the best job...
  10. mark165

    mark165 New Member

    This is a subject that i need to figure out too! I'm hoping to get a few webdesign jobs within the next few weeks, and i'm unsure what to charge.

    I've heard £20 per hour, which seems like it may scare of some clients. As i've just finished a FdA in grapic design, and as a starter freelance designer, i'm unsure what prices to start on to get my foot on the ladder, though it's not as though i'm untrained as i've had 5 years education in the design world so far.

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