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Hosting - with client access to their own database / control panel?

Hi everyone,

I have a requirement to do some social media stuff such as Facebook competition apps which would include data entry forms for different clients. Each client will want the ability to log in to the hosting and manage their own database. It wont be inappropriate to give a client root access and see the other databases for obvious reasons. I'm thinking of taking out a new hosting plan with a company as my current host (1and1) doesn't seem to offer this service.

So the plan is basically go buy a generic sounding domain where I can host all my Facebook work on and buy an SSL certificate so it meets Facebook's requirements then I will need to be able to create and manage multiple MySQL databases and give each client access to their own database either via their own control panel login or a link to log into the database directly with PhpMyAdmin. The main thing is that they don't see the other databases.

Can anyone recommend anything? I'm thinking somewhere in the region of a shared hosting plan so that sort of price range rather than full on dedicated or anything...

Cheers I have used cpanel before actually and its pretty good. I've been recommended a host (ezpzhosting) which offers a reseller account that seems to do the job at the right price for me.

Tony Hardy

I've used cpanel on every hosting package I've setup and not discovered anything it can't do yet.
Hosting wise, Vidahost do some good reseller accounts. Worth a look there too perhaps.