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Hosting Site Review Needed

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by graphicscove, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. graphicscove

    graphicscove Member

    So I've had this site for a while now. I know it has some minor flaws and issues which is why I've come here to get a review on the design of the site and help me to find issues or things which need improving. It doesn't have to all be about aesthetics but also ease of use for the customer and what's been written about the services etc..

    Webhost Cove

    Thanks in advance for anyone who takes a look.

    On a side note I'm also updating my portfolio which should be ready before the new year, I'll be posting that for crit when it's online.
  2. br3n

    br3n Senior Member

    your banner ad is no-where near its container on firefox
  3. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    what ad.....can't see it due to ad blocker :)

    ok I enabled it - talk about stupid, google ads which are advertising competitors, that's really clever thinking that is :up:
  4. the advert on mine is all the way to the left margin.. not centralised at all.

    WEBIAN Senior Member

    I'd say the site is quite clean.
  6. graphicscove

    graphicscove Member

    I can't see the ad on mine either (Good old adblocker) I'll have to take a look.

    Thanks Webian.
  7. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    Yeah I get adverts from other web hosting services (which claim to be slightly cheaper then your site does, so you might wanna check that out)

    I really like the rest of the site, very clean, looks very professional- maybe a few extra images/graphics to liven it up a little, but yeah, good site :)
  8. graphicscove

    graphicscove Member

    Thanks for the idea about images, That sounds like a good idea actually.
  9. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    Glad I could help :)
  10. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    You might want to remove the following HIDDEN links from your source-code...
    <div style="display:none;"><a href="http://www.weightlosswars">Weight loss</a><a href="">CZ Rings</a><a href="">Reverse Phone Lookup</a><a href="">how to lose weight fast</a></div>

    PS. Based on the above i would suggest you secure/update your wordpress install/template
  11. graphicscove

    graphicscove Member

    Thanks for pointing that out, I wouldn't have seen that otherwise. My Wordpress install is the latest version (I ALWAYS update to the latest), it's also not in the template files. After disabling all my plugins the code is not there any more so it's time to go through and see which one's causing the issue..

    .. After having a look I found Statpress to be the plugin causing the issue with the code:

    function add_wc_footer_links() {echo "";
    Not sure if that's meant to be there but it's gone now.
  12. exoticious

    exoticious Junior Member

    hi amigo thanks for the share...

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