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Hosting Resellers


Junior Member
Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend a good hosting resellers package to pass on to clients? I currently use United but their webmail drives my clients insane! I need reliability and ease of use. I know fasthosts is quite expensive but their interface is so easy for clients to use.



Active Member
Hi Zac.

It might be worth taking a look through some of the hosting providers mentioned in this thread - http://www.designforums.co.uk/web-coding-development/967-cant-decide-hosting.html

I personally use a company called Openmind hosting, and have no complaints, but know we have a few hosting companies on the forums all with very good reputations.

Do you have a particular specification you're after? For example I'm running on a linux plan which gives me WHM for the main domain control panel and cPanel for domains on the reseller account, so for my clients where needed.



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Ok cheers Greg,

Yes Linux and cPanel is what i'm looking for. I'll look into Openmind and see what I think and i'll check the others.

Thanks again


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Cheers Fred,

I already host a couple of sites with fasthosts and i've never had any problems so i'm thinking of biting the bullet - I would rather pay a bit extra knowing that my clients are going to be happy than choose something cheap with loads of problems!


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Agreed Zac. I'm not saying fasthosts are the best out there, but they're the safe option for us currently, everything is pretty black and white and everything we've needed to do has been done.


Senior Member
Thanks Craig/Greg :)

Zac - Our Linux reseller plans start from £20 per month and you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. There are three levels to choose from each with increasing resources. The plans are all completely white label and you can even set up your own DNS name servers free of charge.

Take a look at the plans on our site and do give me a call if you have any questions...
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