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Hosting for clients


Senior Member
Hi all

Hopefully a quick one. What do you peeps do when supplying hosting for clients?

What I mean is do you buy the hosting for them and have it in your name or do you get them to pay for the hosting and tell you the details?

I dont know whether I should sort out the hosting or they should.




Active Member
Hi Tom,

I have a dedicated server to host my clients sites on, so can offer hosting and the associated support with that. I would say if you know you're way around cPanel and WHM, plus some experience of MySQL databases then offer the services, to begin with you could purchase individual hosting accounts and manage them for the clients, or refer them to the sites for the initial purchase/setup. If you go down the route of setting up the separate accounts yourself, then in the long term a reseller plan may be the best option, so you can resell the hosting space you buy.

I've built up my knowledge of WHM/cPanel/MySQL over the past 3-4 years working on my own sites & clients sites, having that experience is very useful when troubleshooting hosting/site issues. At one stage I was considering offering hosting services through a DF branded venture, but given the time it would take for support tickets, etc I've not gone any further than just an idea!

I've used Openmind hosting (Phil) for a number of years since moving to them from a cheaper US based host, and can't fault them one bit, so that would be my recommendation if you're going to buy the hosting for your clients, or look at a reseller account.