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horizontal image gallery?

Just looking at redesigning my website and I'm trying to find an image gallery that scrolls from side to side, from outside of the screen (see attached for idea, blue shapes represent image gallery). Does anyone know where I can find one?

To give more of an idea on what it the gallery will look like; each image will be framed as if you were looking along the wall of an art gallery, so background would be transparent to show the "art gallery style wall" and framed images would move along the screen, also having the option to move along manually would be a great help.


excellent thanks guys.

Your link is good Levi but I wanted the viewer to be able to see part of the next content before they viewed it, giving it more of an art gallery view, knowing that there is more to see. Brenden that is nigh on spot on, and led me eventually to finding this Moving Boxes. It's still not perfect as I don't want the border or gradients etc but I'm sure I can dig around in the code and make it how I want it.

Once again thanks guys!
ye trying to play around with this moving boxes, beginning to prove difficult to get the image to display across 100% width of the page as well as having navigation buttons on top rather than background, at least I get to learn a lot more as I go
br3n said:
I had a play with Nivo slider - it seamed a little OTT for me for what most people want/need.
True, but it's always nice to have the options in place, rather than trying to write code from scratch.
It can be pretty simple, or complex, all by changing a few values.

The Wall is my personal favorite, but that might just be it's demo presentation :D