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Horizon Logo | Feedback please!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Katakitsu, May 2, 2013.

  1. Katakitsu

    Katakitsu New Member

    [font="'trebuchet ms'"]Well, this is my 2nd logo that I have ever made, and I am kinda happy with it[/font]​
    [font="'trebuchet ms'"]though I didn't make it for anyone or anything. I simply got bored and wanted [/font]​
    [font="'trebuchet ms'"]to created a logo, so here it is. I would like some feedback to help me improve![/font]​
  2. shaunalynn

    shaunalynn Active Member

    Any way you can repost this image without the DeviantArt watermark?
  3. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    yeah theres more watermarks than actual design showing....
  4. Katakitsu

    Katakitsu New Member

    There we go!
  5. Can you take us through the logo? What purpose each element serves and why you chose that particular solution.
  6. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    "I didn't make it for anyone or anything. I simply got bored and wanted to created a logo, so here it is"
    It's difficult to critique a logo that has no purpose, function or reasoning. It needs some sort of brief to guide feedback from.
  7. Katakitsu

    Katakitsu New Member

    Well the blade looking things on the sides are meant to be a version of "compass" arrows while the circle in the middle has a layout of a handheld radar unit I saw once, while the mountain and the sun (yes its a sun) symbolizes a Horizon.
    So basically is a logo that could be used for, say a group of tourist guides around mountain areas.
  8. It's interesting that you say they are meant to be compass arrows, yet refer to them as blades. So we've got blades, radars, mountains and a sun (if you say so haha ;)) all in one design. It's quite busy, don't you think?
    It's really difficult to complete any design when there's no purpose, whether it's website design, print design or logo design. A better way to approach learning about logo design would be to first read up on the subject and then practice each of the steps involved. Once you've got that sorted you can then go and find a logo that you don't like along with sufficient company information, such as how long it's been trading, what its purpose is, their values etc (all can usually be found on their website), and create your own brief around that company. You can make bits up too if you want, as long as you've got something solid to work to it won't really matter. Do that a couple of times and I have no doubt that you'll be creating much better logos! Study and practice it for long enough and you'll be able to start making some money from it!
    Give this article a read over: It's quite good. Of course you need to be a strong independent learner (not lazy) and then go out and find more articles to read.
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  9. GraphicBee

    GraphicBee New Member

    I've got the concept however. The text Horizon doesnt need to be drop Shadowed.
    Avoid doing this on your concept

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