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Honest feedback sought on our website

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by L Smith, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. L Smith

    L Smith New Member

    I must stress the site is very much beta and is part of a much larger campaign and new product launch in 2017 which is all under wraps at the moment.

    The copy on the site is not totally clear at the moment.
    From other feedback we are going to re-design the loading page and remove the intro/ voiceover section.

    But I am really looking for thoughts on what people think of the design and function of the site?
    Again please consider that the concept may seem ambiguous, but I understand this. Right now function and design elements (inc. logo design) are what I asking for feedback on.

    The site is - add a pixel too in order to see the animations in full etc.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I am at a stage where I can still change elements fairly simply, but when the project is ready for launching it will be much more difficult.

    Kind regards and thanks,
  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    yawn....seriously it was so slooooowwww and then it got stuck at the zoomed in icon that you could zoom in and out... there was literally nothing more than the loading screen/intro voiceover section

    The skip button at the start needs to be bigger and earlier, the music and voice is pretty annoying for me personally.

    As there was nothing esle for me to see I can't comment but what I did see seems to be going against pretty much every direction websites are currently heading due to the mobile browser marketshare sky rocketing.
  3. L Smith

    L Smith New Member

    Thanks for the response, always appreciated.
    Firstly I just want to say, that the design brief is very calculated, based on trends of consumers within the industry we are moving in. 76% of site clicks still being desktop in our industry and the desktop design, when fully launched will be in tandom with a product specific desktop campaign. We have an adaptive design brief for mobile, which will be more product specific.
    Intro/ voice over was on my notes laready to remove, so thanks for you opinion on that too.

    Thanks for the feedback re: getting stuck, very perculiar, so will pass that on. I have had a few complaints re new mozilla browser, hopefully that was the issue and we're onto it.
    Did you have any views of the logo design and overall visual experience?

    Many thanks, Luke
  4. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    I like different but I found it so slow loading and choppy to get a proper opinion.
    I think if it ran smoothly then it may be a different story.

    I found the intro text that fades in and out seemed to layer over itself so I couldn't read it.
    My broadband is pretty fast and I was on Safari.

    I quite like the logo when it's in the context of the site itself.

    I still don't know what it's all about though and I kind of got fed up waiting for it to load and I gave it a decent run.
    More than what I'd consider to be the average attention span.

    I'd be very interested to see it if the bugs get ironed out and I was seeing it as intended.
  5. L Smith

    L Smith New Member

    Thanks Scotty, really appreciate the feedback.

    The idea of this, is to get as much feedback as possible, so we can refine things. I know we have something special, but I'm also not happy with it. BUt I'm consumed in it, that at times it is becoming hard to sort the wood from the trees.
    I have a long list of updates to work on, including removing the intro section completely (was toying with recording and shortening/ adpating imagery, but feedback would suggest removing completely, which will aide loading and choppiness too, it was just a trial but an unsuccessful one).

    Thanks very much. We really are trying to create a logo/ brand that is memorable and has the ability to weave social media sharing platforms. We want the logo duplicated as many times as possible and hopefully it is simple and unique enough to be recognised.

    Kind Regards
  6. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Been there.
  7. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Few UX issues I noticed;

    Links, especially those in the menu would benefit from some form of feedback when you hover, an underline or colour change for example

    The 'close' icon at the bottom/bottom right is unintuitive, Western users expect it to be top right. I was actually looking for how to close the navigation menu for longer than I'd expect.

    Pixel opening/closing animations take far too long. It's ok to animate in on open, but I'd shorten the steps. For closing then, I'd simply have the whole process and just have the entire panel fade out at once so users are back at the pixel select page ASAP. Having to sit through the animation in reverse got very old, very quickly.

    I think the site would benefit from some form of tag navigation that's available at all times, rather than just inside the pixel panels text.

    I'm personally not a fan of justified text in web pages, it results in ugly columns and makes the type hard to read. I'd also swap out the borders on the tag links in the pixel texts for simple coloured and/or underlined text instead.
    L Smith likes this.
  8. L Smith

    L Smith New Member

    All really great feedback Paul, many thanks.
    I don't want to lose the magic of the animation, but perhaps simplified the opening/ closing with a quick fade and maintaining the shooting would suffice?
    The link mark-up is on my notes too, thanks.
    Tag navigation we're working on, but we won't work on that too much further until the project is up and running and getting visitors, as it will be a lot more work. The whole tag element requires a lot more work in fact.
    I'll get more feedback re the exit, not been a problem as far as I know (layoutwise it looks nice centralised) but if a problem will change, thanks. Likewise the hover function, perhaps a slightly opacity change or something there.

    Many thanks for your feedback, did you find the add pixel process to be ok? And the bottom functioning remote in general?

    Really appreciate all the feedback,
  9. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    The transition animations are nice for establishing a mood and giving some presence to the content you're viewing, I'd definitely streamline the opening of pixels as I feel it involves too many steps (zoom to circular image, which then becomes square, which them develops an outer container, which then extends to display the additional content). The length of time it takes also seems to be dependent on how zoomed in you are when you click too, but this may just be my imagination. This having to zoom out first in order to display the content just makes browsing multiple pixels very slow and repetitive overall, especially as you have to keep the browser tab in focus in order to have the animations continue. Switching to another tab causes the animation to pause, so I'm basically forced to sit and watch it each time. This is a good way to drive people away from the site, which obviously you don't want, though I would expect most users come to the site, view a few pixels, add their own then would leave. There's not much else that's of interest to the general user to cause them to stick around.

    Generally speaking it's good practice to give users control as quickly as possible. You can skip the opening voiceover which you mentioned will likely be removed. I'd like to be able to skip the process of zooming and rotating around the cluster too and just get straight to the pixel adding/viewing.

    With regards to closing the pixels, I'd reiterate what I said earlier. It should be much faster. Sometimes it takes longer to open and close a pixel than it does to read them, especially when it's just a single sentence or short paragraph.

    Seems straight forward enough.

    The social media shares work as far as I can tell, though the link produced does take you through the entire site loading and pixel transition animations (which I assume is either intentional or just how it has to be). The mute icon doesn't work though. I've clicked it multiple times but it still plays sounds. It's quite a soothing soundtrack, but it clashes wth whatever else I'm listening too at the time.
  10. L Smith

    L Smith New Member

    Thanks again Paul, I'll consider your comments when making the next amendments and try to clear as much of the annoyances up as possible.
    Best, Luke

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