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Home Office Furniture! Help!


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Well replacing carpet in office at home in next week or so and desk is past it, faling to bits and is glued together so as soon as move it that is the end of its life so looking for a new desk.

Now been looking online and there really is a crap selection for desks to take 2 monitors and have space on desk.

This is current set up

Dose anyone have any sites there get office furniture from. Done all the office suppliers via google etc.....




Staff member
have you considered getting yourself a wall mount (or table mount) for the displays (they both look lcds)?
I recently purchased a new desk and it happened to be from Ikea. I did plan to move away from Ikea and get a glass top and legs from Habitat. However after a quick trip to Ikea I found the perfect solution the Mikael range. Perfect size desk and you can even get a glass top to go on top, probably be the cheapest glass top you will ever buy. Can't fault either desk or glass top, big thumbs up from me.

IKEA | Desks | Desks | MIKAEL | Desk

i also looked at the desk on the post by Tim but unfortunately I didn't have the room for the extra side part.

Remember a good chair is as equally important as a good desk :D


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baton walls, mdf worktop - router edge, some cool wallpaper over top then get a piece of glass cut to size for top. wall mount monitors. beautiful

love diy projects