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Home made website needs advice

Hi everyone,

I recently launched a website for my mother's B&B. I would be most appreciative if you could take a look and see what you think - and give me some pointers on how to improve the design. I used notepad with HTML and CSS - it looks a bit grainy so if anyone can recommend some better affordable software I could use, that would be very handy!

Tankerfield house bed and breakfast St. Albans

Thanks a lot


Junior Member
Hey Orlando99!

I have taken a look at the website and it is very basic, which is great for this kind of business. I think you should center the website by using margin: 0 auto; on a wrapper or container. I wouldn't say red is one of the best colours to use if you are thinking about colour blind people.

Overall I think the content is very well laid out and everything is readable.

Good job.


Senior Member
It lacks design, but it illustrates your business in a satisfactory way. It has pictures which is a good thing and it is not too messy.

If you want to improve your skills in web design, you should buy CS5 which comes with DW, so that you will have the option not to use Microsoft's Notepad.
I don't feel the B&B is reflected in the website, I see some really classy photos and a very dull website. Try looking at other B&B websites on a par with your mothers to see the competition. I would change the background to something a bit more refreshing. Patterned papers are nice, if you have a look on the photos you have uploaded - bring out the bedrooms onto the design and it will look great.

I would also maybe change the cream to a white colour to freshen the whole thing up and change your font for the title.

Is there not an email or contact form? This would be a good idea.

I like the simplicity though so please don't loose that!
Remember, a website is a Businesses ONLINE IDENTITY, thus the website must reflect. This means having a website as basic as this, and don't get me wrong for this type of business I wouldn't recommend something over the top with fancy jQuery sliders, plus this is a good starting point. But anyway back to what I was saying, I think the website is too basic, but keep it basic if that makes sense. I would add a footer and also rethink your colours a little.

If you need any help with it just drop me a P.M or something and I'll send you some more suggestions.

P.S: If you cant afford Adobe CS5.5 which is rather expensive, I recommend a software called Aptana, or Notepad++