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Hockey Logo Ideas

Hi Everyone,

I have this site but the logo well it isn't really a logo as such simply arial black font, bold with ne1 in black, 4 in red and hockey in green....

Greg did a great logo for another of my sites last year (stickforlife.co.uk) but now the other looks poor by comparison.

I wondered if anyone could give me ideas on what I could do...

I'm trying to avoid having someone else do it, I'd like to be able to do it myself.

Here is my latest attempt :down:

Any help would be great!!



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I think the biggest challenge of this logo is the name, as I've mentioned before in a previous thread, I simply didn't get the name, I thought it was a location based thing, as in NE14 was a postcode, rather than reading it as 'Anyone for Hockey'. Would be interested to hear if it's just me, or if other people misread it?

The only thing I can think to try and help the legibility is to make the 'ne' lowercase, so it's less likely to be read as 'N' 'E' and more likely to read as ~ne 'any', perhaps you could also keep the '1' the same height as the 'ne' and then enlarge the '4', that may also help with communicating the name a little better?

My other question would be is it a question? Anyone for hockey? ne1 4 hockey? Should there be a question mark at the end, and would that help it's legibility?

In all honesty, I'm not keen on the name, and depending on how far you are with the site/business, would even consider brainstorming some new name ideas, I think even if you can overcome the hurdle of the logo design being a clear piece of communication, will it be a memorable name and identity? it's almost like you're shooting yourself in the foot before you've got started.

Hope that helps in someway! :)


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I also read it as a postcode to begin with, understandable considering I live in an NE postcode!
I got it after another glance though.
It's a risk but then bad names sometimes do as well as good ones in the same way bad adverts (like phones4u (ugly people just complete tosh) in comparison to the foxes biscuits advert (mafia panda).

NE14HOCKEY have been sponsoring the east regional leagues for 3 seasons and in terms of being established as a name its getting there. I did recently purchase fieldhockey.org.uk and I am trying to register fieldhockey.co. I could change the name... but it would need to be a great one to justify changing I think...

I think the only way your going to get around this is if you put a slogan "Anyone for hockey" because like others have said its missleading.

at first i thought it was NE: meaning something like newyork entertainment 14 or something, then hockey.